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Monday, May 17, 2010

rasberry crazy ants... an update

Today I went and researched some more on my little crazy Rasberry ant friends. Of course, they are continuing to grow and reek havoc on more of industrial civilization. Its also official, they are now costing billions of dollars! anyways I turned the old story and new one into a zine. You can click on the link to find the complete Crazy Rasberry Ant Zine ... but if you don't have time to read the whole thing here's the newest part. enjoy and let me know what you think.

Swarms of rasberry crazy ants are still spreading through Texas and now Florida, raising alarms as they will soon rival fire ants which have ravaged the South, costing billions of dollars in damages each year.
Having ruined pumps at a sewage facility, computers, burglar alarm systems, and gas and electricity meters, the ants have accomplished their march to NASA’s Johnson Space Centre and Houston's William P. Hobby airport, putting federal officials in a frenzied panic.
According to an April, 2010 edition of the amazing and intriguing Pest Control Technologies magazine, “A major chemical company projects damages from this invasive pest to top $1 billion in its operations, and, had the Johnson Space Center not sought special consideration in its fight against the "crazies" in 2008, the critters could have feasibly brought NASA to its knees as well.”
But the battle at NASA and Houston area airports is still not over. Without daily vigilance and millions of dollars, the combination of summer heat and crazy ants could destroy both space shuttle communications and essential commercial aircraft electrical and computer components. This would endanger thousands of human lives and billions of dollars in machinery. Thank god Rush Limbaugh has disproved climate change, otherwise the war against the Rasberry ants in another record breaking summertime heat might be won by the ants.
As more is being learned of their organizational structure, we are starting to learn that they form federations, or supercolonies. A supercolony is made up of smaller collective colonies, in which the smaller individual colonies do not exhibit mutual aggressions toward each another. It is actually thought to be the opposite, that instead, the autonomous colonies work together in a sort of microscopic mutual aid. Each Autonomous colony is polyamorous, breaking from the myth of using a queen ant hierarchical organizational method. World renowned entomologists actually suspect the ants of polyamorous behavior, so in other words, nests upon nests of anarchic orgies.
Their presence has increased in suburbia, endangering the McMansions, lawns, and domesticated pets of the already struggling and depressed middle class. Their increased presence in industrial and corporate parks have some of the worlds largest multinational corporations investing collective billions against these little anti-capitalists. But not to worry, the Rasberrys are still waging an epic war on commercial bee farms.
More recent reports have shown that although the ants are known to have a sweet tooth, when robbing the bee hive's, these omnivorous ants prefer to eat the bee larvae before the honey. After killing or driving off all the bees, the ants then proceed to expropriate the hives for their own colonies. They may not be the only squatter ants in the world, but they have proven to be the most strategic and tactical.
Is anything lacking from the crazy Rasberry ant model for revolutionary change?
  • Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Technology, Anti-Military industrial complex, Anti-Authoritarian
  • Squatting and expropriation as main means of subsistence
  • A willingness to use guerrilla warfare, sabotage, and violence when necessary.
  • Resiliency to chemical warfare and inability to be pinned down by authorities
  • A sweet tooth, and from the looks of it, little ants that know how to party
I guess if anything is lacking, we will just have to keep a close eye on our six legged allies as they rack up the billions of money spent in unsuccessful attempts to eradicate them.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop!
Jayson Tx

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